Seductive Nutrition Tool

Inspiration starts here: simple steps to improve menu nutrition.

Eating healthier has become a way of life for many of your guests, so taking small steps to improve the nutritional profile of your top dishes may have a big impact on guest loyalty. The key is to use appealing menu descriptions, enhanced flavors and a fresh, more healthful ingredient mix. We call it “romancing the menu” with Seductive Nutrition.

Are you ready to make some simple changes for the better? Start with one of your top dishes, using the tools below:
Seductive Nutrition

Calorie Calculator

Try reducing the calories in one of your top dishes by 100 calories. For inspiration, check out our Calorie Calculator. This fun, interactive tool allows you to select ingredients to recreate a menu offering; you can then view the approximate total calories of the dish. Switch ingredients, or adjust serving sizes, to reduce calories.

Get Inspired from our Calorie Calculator 

See how to make the difference and reduce the calories of your dish

Most importantly, the Seductive Nutrition changes sound just as tasty as the less healthy option! Guests will look at these “romanced” menu items as satisfying, filling, and an even better value for their money.

See our chefs’ suggestions for embracing seductive nutrition Read more about Seductive NutritionPledge now to join the Seductive Nutrition Challenge!

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