Whether you’re looking for a new, high-end experience or simply want a comforting cup of the familiar, you’ll find the tea brands to match your PersonaliTEA.

Once you’ve answered the questions below, tally up which response you chose the most.

1. What’s your ideal vacation?

A Lakehouse or beach house with friends or family

B Jungle adventure

C European food and wine tour

3. What's your exercise routine like?

A I'm always up for a colour run!

B Trying different classes (thanks class pass!)

C I use my gym membership a few times a week

5. How do you describe your fashion sense?

A Comfort first

B Clothes for the gym and the office

C Fashion forward

7. What's an ideal date night?

A Picnic under the stars

B Drinks and live music

C Cooking class

9. If you could drive any car, what would it be?

A Classic, American muscle car

B Sporty SUV

C Luxury sedan

11. * Are you Canadian?

A Yes

B No




2. What do you look for most in restaurant choices?

A Fun, lively atmosphere

B Creative and Instagrammable dishes

C Farm to table

4. What type of TV do you watch most?

A Sitcoms

B Netflix binge

C Cooking shows

6. What's your favourite sporting event to watch?

A The Super Bowl

B The Winter Olympics

C Wimbledon

8. If you won $100 million in the lottery, what would you do with most of your time?

A Treating friends and family to fun trips

B Trek around the world

C Eat at the best restaurants in the world

10. What's your musical taste?

A Top 40

B Spotify knows me best

C Jazz



Sharing fun times with family and friends is paramount. The range of teas from Lipton® help create those important moments and connections no matter what mood you’re in.

* If you answered "A" on Question 11: Red Rose®

Lol; jk. You can be whatever tea you want. But for those who love Red Rose®, tradition and heritage are important to how they go through life. The brand has a long, storied history of delivering amazing teas.


You’re out there continually seeking new experiences and embrace the unexpected. This tea brand helps with the journey.


You know the difference between good enough and the exceptional. Ingredients and craft matter when it comes to tea choices and everything you do; there are no shortcuts.

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