Your classic burgers are classic for a reason—they keep customers coming back again and again.

But tastes are changing fast and it pays to keep up to date with the latest trends. Unlock inspiration from top chefs around the world to help you dare to be different and explore the future of burgers.



The future of burgers includes craveable alternative proteins. Hear from Chef J. Michael to see what’s Impossible.

Customers are now demanding burgers that meet all of their needs – delicious, nutritious and sustainable…they’re consuming plant-based burgers and going 'Wow! They’re delicious and have just the same properties and visuals as meat from a cow.'

- Celeste, Director of Research, Impossible Foods


What does the future of burgers look like? See what Chef M, of Latin House Grill in Miami, has to say.

My most unique burger is the Champ Burger, with candy jalapeño sauce on top. In combination with the maple bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese, it’s sweet but with a spicy kick. In 2025 my Mad Love 9.0 Burger is going to be a bison and beef blend with blueberry and goat cheese topping between two brioche buns.

- Chef M, Latin House Grill, Miami

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