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What holds menu innovation back? What pushes it forward? Chef Gurj starts with real BOH ingredients and takes taste to unexpected places on the Browns SocialHouse menu. Ready to make more than you thought you could?

Meet Chef Gurj Dhaliwal

Meet Chef Gurj Dhaliwal

Steeped in Punjabi cuisine since childhood, Chef Gurj has spent years in hotel kitchens and restaurants finding unexpected ways to combine flavours from culinary traditions across the world. With a systematic approach to menu innovation, you’ll find no dish, no ingredient in his kitchen that doesn’t meet the highest standards for taste.

"Hellmann’s is this amazing base like a foundation for building flavours"


Hawaii 5.0 Plant-Based Pizza

Hawaii 5.0 Plant-Based Pizza

Roasted pulled jackfruit, pineapple, vegan mozzarella and sliced green pepper on a bed of Hawaiian BBQ sauce on a perfectly crispy and chewy hand-stretched crust. Finished with a drizzle of signature  house-made vegan garlic aioli and fresh cilantro.

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