Importance of Long Leaf Tea

There are two methods to make tea: Orthodox (or ‘Long Leaf’)   -  and -    CTC (cut, tear, curl)

Pure Leaf® uses an Orthodox method.

Orthodox teas are crafted by an artisanal batch process, by means of hand or mechanical rollers. It aims at gently bruising and exposing the tea leaf’s natural essence with minimal damage to the leaf itself. The leaf is never intentionally cut or broken, just gently rolled to achieve a specific flavour.

Compared to CTC teas, Orthodox teas are more elaborate and display a more varied and complex array of aromas, colours, and mouthfeels.

More subtle, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing, Orthodox teas will unfurl while brewing, gently releasing their naturally sweet and delicate character. While CTC teas often are enjoyed with milk due to their bitter nature, Orthodox teas are best savoured by themselves.

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