Importance of Provenance

Pure Leafᵀᴹ tea is sourced from the highest quality tea fields around the world and picked at the peak of freshness. Each tea’s origin is uniquely linked to its distinct taste. We partner with farmers that offer the highest quality, ethically sourced teas to ensure an authentic and uncompromised tea experience, from first sip to last.

Tea Origins


Kenya – Highland Tea

Grown in Kericho, Kenya, our highland tea is a uniquely crafted mix of black tea and real spices delivering a sweet and spicy flavour. Here, tea plants are of the highest quality, grown at 2000 meters above sea level in rich soil high in organic content.

The estate we source our highland tea from borders the Mau Forest Reserve. In 2015, the estate commissioned a bio-diversity study and is strongly committed to replanting indigenous plants through the estate and surrounding forests.

The entire operation is partially powered by hydro-electricity and only uses sustainable timber form the grounds. They achieve all of this while employing 11,000 people, providing them and their families with housing, school and medical services.

Sri Lanka

Black Tea

Ceylon tea is grown in gardens in the High Grown area of Sri Lanka, at an elevation of 1,200 meters. The change in grow altitudes causes this Ceylon tea to be strong in flavour with a rounded and bright finish. The area’s optimal rainfall and temperature also help to produce some of the world’s finest teas.  


Indonesia – Green Tea

Consistent temperatures and humidity make Indonesia a perfect location to grow tea plants. Grown at an elevation of 1350-1500 meters, our green tea is sourced from four tea gardens in Java. One of the estates is located near the Gunung Tilu Forest Conservation area and is dedicated to protecting the area’s unique, local flora and fauna.


Green Tea

Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, China is the birthplace of tea and is renowned for the quality and processing of its tea leaves.

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