Chicken Shawarma Poutine

Why we love it: This is a delicious culinary adventure, a perfect marriage of culture and flavours between Turkey and Canada. Loaded with bold spices and a unique flavour profile, this one hits all the senses. From the double sauce duo of gravy and creamy tahini mayo to the refreshing tabbouleh on top, you can expect a whole new dimension to the crispy fries.

How to build: Top fries with shawarma chicken, cheese curds, Middle Eastern spiced gravy, tabbouleh and a drizzle of tahini mayo.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Incorporating za’atar, sumac and parsley into the gravy will give your diners the rich taste of Middle Eastern cuisine and add some zip to balance out the savoury notes.

Chef tip: Swap the chicken for beef or make it perfect for flexitarians with charred eggplant.

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Smoky Nacho Poutine

Smoky Nacho Poutine (Nacho Ordinary Poutine) 

Why we love it: It’s time for a fiesta of flavours! Blend the bold cheeses of Canada and the notorious spicy peppers of Mexico to create this Mexican poutine. It's a perfect game day shareable for every fan looking to spice things up. Creamy queso is complemented by a touch of smoky heat from chipotle peppers - think nachos reinvented.

How to build: Top fries with crumbled chorizo, pickled jalapeño, smoky queso sauce, and pico de gallo.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Smoky chipotle peppers and a blend of Pepper Jack and cheddar cheeses are blended with Knorr Professional Culinary Cream to create a decadent smoky queso sauce.  Top the poutine with chopped cilantro for a hint of freshness.

Chef tip: Use Hellmann’s Ancho Chipotle Sauce as a finishing drizzle to enhance the smoky flavour and bring a bit of sweetness.

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Eggs Benny Poutine 
New York-Inspired

Why we love it: This is a recipe for success by bringing two culture classic favourites together. The combination of crispy potatoes, melty cheese curds from Canada plus savoury meats and runny poached eggs from New York. It makes breakfast poutine a satisfying and indulgent morning meal for guests looking for the ultimate treat. It's a popular choice at diners, brunch spots, and trendy eateries looking to grow their customer base.

How to build: Top seasoned hash browns or roasted potato wedges with cheese curds, applewood smoked bacon and ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Paprika, cayenne pepper, chives, scallions.

Chef tip: Easily create another version of breakfast poutine by swapping the hollandaise for sausage breakfast gravy and topping with a fried egg.

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Butter Chicken Poutine

Butter Chicken Poutine

Why we love it: Talk about a fusion trip from around the world! This is a must do stamp for your Poutine Passport. Rich Indian flavours are a perfect match for poutine, and butter chicken is all about the creamy, decadent sauce. The combination of savoury, tangy butter chicken with the salty, cheesy fries creates the ultimate comfort food that celebrates the best of both cuisines.

How to build: Top fries with cheese curds and butter chicken, and garnish with cilantro.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Garam masala, turmeric, coriander and cumin are the base of the butter chicken sauce.

Chef tip: Use Knorr Professional Culinary Cream in place of cream or yoghurt to finish the butter chicken sauce for a stable sauce that won’t break.

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Bánh Mì Poutine

Why we love it: A culinary mash up no one saw coming but it works! Bánh mì is a Vietnamese sandwich, the perfect vessel for a delicious poutine if we ever saw one. Typically it’s made with a crusty baguette filled with ingredients like grilled meats, pickled vegetables, herbs, and sauces. So there's an unlimited variety of options to blend the savoury richness of poutine with the vibrant, fresh elements of a bánh mì sandwich.

How to build: Top fries with cheese curds, then dress with Bánh mì-inspired ingredients such as grilled or shredded meats (like lemongrass chicken or pork belly), pickled vegetables (like carrots and daikon radish), cilantro, jalapeños, and a drizzle of sauces like Spicy Mayo or hoisin or Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Cilantro, Chinese five spice, chiles, garlic, sesame.

Chef tip: Make this recipe vegetarian by swapping the meat with grilled tofu or shredded mushrooms.

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Kimchi Poutine

Kimchi Poutine

Why we love it: A Korean staple, kimchi brings a balanced blend of salty, sour and spicy profiles to your poutine. Combined with spicy cheddar sauce, it’s set to be a real winner with your guests.

How to build: Spoon kimchi over cooked tater tots before sprinkling with popcorn chicken. Finish with a drizzle of the hot, spicy cheddar sauce and Knorr Professional Chicken Gravy.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Kimchi will naturally add a light spice and deliver an authentic Korean taste thanks to its combination of gochugaru and ginger. For additional spice, add paprika and cayenne peppers to your cheddar sauce.

Chef tip: Want your cheddar sauce to knock your guests’ socks off? Dial up the spice by adding more cayenne peppers and paprika.

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Smoked Salmon Everything Poutine

Why we love it: The creativity of chefs knows no limits! One of the more indulgent stamps you’ll get in your Poutine Passport. This lavish breakfast reminds us of the Montreal bagel store classic, but you’ll definitely need a fork for this version, as with any good poutine. The “everything bagel” seasoning blend really makes this dish pop, and guests will find it’s a totally fun way to start their day.

How to build: Top tater tots or hash browns with cheese curds, smoked salmon, shaved red onion, dill crema or hollandaise, fried capers and “everything bagel” seasoning.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Dill, “everything bagel” seasoning (sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried garlic, dried onion, and salt).

Chef tip: Cheese curds may still be included, but there could also be a substituted for cream cheese to evoke the creamy texture of the spread often found on bagels.

Recommended UFS products: Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, Knorr Professional Hollandaise Sauce.

Mapo Tater Poutine

Mapo-Tater Poutine

Why we love it: Straight from the Sichaun province direct to your poutine, this mapo-tofu dish brings a real Chinese spice to your dish. Combine it with tater tots, cheese curds, breaded chicken, and gravy for a real show stopping signature.

How to build: Ladle mapo-tofu over tater tots and cheese curds.

Spices ‘n’ herbs to consider: Doubanjiang or ‘chili bean paste’ gives this dish an authentic Chinese flavour, whilst ginger adds a naturally hot and fragrant spice.

Chef tip: Replace the breaded chicken breast with a plant-based protein to make this dish perfect for all your guests. Alternatively you can just remove it.

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