Here are 5 tips and trends you can start actioning right now

Introduce delivery specific deals

Limited edition game day offers and exclusive deals for fans at home will help drive more online orders on game day. Meal deals are a great way to keep everyone happy, especially as customers are likely to be watching the games as a big group or as a family. Why not also include result specific offers to drive more sales after the game’s done? So whatever the final score, everyone wins.


Make Your Menu Mobile Friendly

It sounds like an obvious one but if your menu is difficult to navigate or even find, diners are likely to go elsewhere. Breaking your menu down into simple categories with strong dish descriptions will help them explore your whole range faster and get them excited to order. Allowing diners to easily modify dishes or include some ‘add ons’ will also help boost your sales.


Consider changing operating / delivery hours

This one’s very much down to a personal choice, but as some games are likely to take place outside of your regular hours, it could be worth exploring the idea of changing your operating / delivery times on those days. It’ll likely increase your sales and also allow you to continue building strong relationships with diners who have used you on previous game days. It’ll also mean they’re less likely to go elsewhere as they know you’re open and the food is unreal. Just remember to tell everyone you’re doing it! 

Themed Specials

It’s time to show your colors and unleash your inner spirit with handhelds inspired by your local team.

Getting behind your team with themed specials can help you stand out from the crowd and nearly 40% of guests would try a sports-themed family meal! (Source: Datassential “Back in the Game” Report). You can find some of ours here. (Link to our game themed dishes)

It’s also a great way to increase shareability across social media, as fans are more likely to snap their own shots of your iconic dishes and help spread the word. Speaking of which…


Create a buzz on social media

Boost interactions with potential customers in the run up to game day with game related content, match predictors and competitions across your social media platforms. Make use of popular hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts and get the community engaging with your content. It’s a great way to not only get people even more excited about the game, as if that could be possible, but also a chance to be part of the conversation and put yourself front of mind for food when game day rolls around.

We’ve got a range of different tips and tricks to help you become a social media champion on both Instagram and TikTok. Turn your menu shots into viral sensations here. Take on TikTok here.

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