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Internationally recognized chef and personality Matty Matheson has been breaking barriers since his cooking debut. His expansive career has brought many opportunities to the chef, restaurateur, two-time New York Times best-selling author (Matty Matheson: A Cookbook and Home Style Cookery), executive producer and television personality. Matty's presence in culture has grown exponentially in recent years as he's developed a number of companies outside the almost half a dozen restaurants he owns and operates; from his made in Canada workwear apparel brand Rosa Rugosa, to his home goods brand Matheson Cookware and food product brand Matheson Food Company, to his role as an executive producer and actor in the hit TV show The Bear, Matty has brought his unique personality to the world in a variety of ways. In addition to the forthcoming season of The Bear, Matty recently announced that his third cookbook Soups, Salads, Sandwiches will be released on October 22nd through Ten Speed.

Why Matty Matheson Relies on Hellmann's® for His Menu

“I’ve worked in many kitchens around the world and opened a handful of restaurants but one of the consistent staple ingredients I use is Hellmann’s. It’s versatile, it’s quality, it's thick and creamy. Slather it on any sandwich, make a couple of dips, a couple of spreads, a couple of sauces, toss it up in a salad, it won’t break. It’s the best mayo hands down, it’s delicious. It’s been my go-to since day one.” -Matty Matheson

Blackened Shrimp Salad Melt with  Zip Zip Sauce Featuring Hellmann's

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