This holiday season, give your customers the gift of time by offering them quick, easy, and delicious takeaway options! Unilever Food Solution’s own Chef JC has treated us to a seafood casserole recipe that ticks all the boxes of holiday takeaway. It’s flavourful. It’s unique. And it’s easy to make and package.

Using our new Knorr® Professional Ultimate Seafood Liquid Concentrated Base and LeGout® Cream Soup Base, Chef JC walks us through the creation of the dish. The best part? The Seafood Concentrated Base is completely freeze-stable. Yup, that’s right. It doesn’t crystalize when defrosted and will be perfect once baked. Not only is this freeze-stable product perfect for casseroles, but it’s also great for paellas, risotto, and more.

Take 'N Bake Seafood Casserole


Watch the Instagram Live to learn some other tips form Chef JC, including:

  • When making a seafood casserole, look for a cheese that won’t overpower the taste of the seafood
  • Repurposing ingredients is a great way to optimize your pantry and save money
  • When packing up to go, create a nice label that gives your customers detailed instructions on how to defrost/bake.
Whether you’re making 10 or 10,000, this is an easy approach to something delicious!

- Chef JC

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