Prepare the Burger

  • Olive mayonnaise, prepared 1.25 cup
  • Sweet onion 1 ea
  • Red Bell Pepper 1 ea
  • Manchego cheese 10 slices
  • Kaiser rolls 10 pc
  • Beef patties, cooked to desired doneness 10 ea

Prepare the Olive Mayonnaise

Serving Suggestion

  1. Prepare the Burger

    • Grill or broil ground beef patties until desired doneness and top with cheese.
    • Cover or place under salamander until cheese melts.
    • Grill or leave onions raw, depending on preference.
    • Roast red bell pepper and cut into wide strips.
    • Spread bun with olive mayonnaise (sub recipe below) and assemble burger.
  2. Prepare the Olive Mayonnaise

    • Combine and reserve.
  3. Serving Suggestion

    • Try serving the burgers with Hellmann's® Real Mayonnaise Squeeze Bottles or Stick Packs