As more consumers turn to platforms like Deliveroo, foodpanda, GO-FOOD, and GrabFood, so have food operators. Think you’re ready to join the world of food delivery? Here are 4 food tips for Onboarding Restaurants onto Delivery Platforms, you need to know:

1. Pick partners with the right delivery processes

1. Identify and Engage with the Restaurants: 

Align with them to initially register their restaurant directly with the delivery platform. Ensure all documentation is available for the restaurant, namely:

  • Food safety certificate (where applicable)
  • Proof of Address
  • Banking information
  • Business/Tax documentation (where applicable)
2. Ensure high food packaging integrity

2. Follow up with restaurants on activation to platform and ensure they have everything needed to start serving online, such as:

  • Internet Connection is compulsory to run online
  • Tablet/POS from the delivery partner logged in and online
  • Takeaway/Delivery food containers (designed for hot food or cold) & bags
  • Clear access to site for delivery collection (designated & clean area advised)
3. Use long-lasting ingredients to avoid spoilage

3. Advise restaurant to activate menu with bestsellers & meal deals targeting their customer base and consumption moment. 

Ensure images and banners are present on menu to increase customer interaction & conversion.

  • Consumption moments are tied to your specific offering, if you primarily serve dinner focus on big bundles to serve 2 or more people. If you serve for lunch look at lunch meal deals for single consumer. Really focus on how you serve your consumers now and see how you can serve for moments such as “Me Time” or “Family Dinners” to grow your business also.
  • Meal Deals should be better value and offer than ordering the items individually, this will give your opportunity to cross and up sell from your menu. 



Commom Food Delivery Platforms:

1. Germany: Lieferando

2. France: UberEats & Just Eat

3. Netherlands - Thuisberzorgd

4. Belgium - Takeaway

5. Spain - Glovo & Just Eat

6. Italy - Just Eat & Uber Eats

7. United Kingdom - Just Eat & Deliveroo


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