Introducing NEW Knorr® Intense Flavours.

Knorr® Intense Flavours is a new line of liquid seasonings, exclusive for foodservice, that helps chefs add bold dimensions of flavour to their dishes with ease.

The Knorr® Intense Flavours line is made with authentic culinary processes like smoking, fermenting and roasting and can be used across any stage of the cooking process include marinating, seasoning and finishing. Knorr® Intense Flavours are vegan, gluten-free and made with authentic ingredients.

Find out what chefs are already raving about...

  • "I'm amazed at the difference."
  • "Add a kaleidoscope of flavour."
  • "This product is so good, why wouldn't you use it?"

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Knorr® Intense Flavours: See What Chefs Have to Say