As a restaurant operator you know and value that everything in your operation must be kept “clean.” Cleaning is the removal of dirt, dust and debris from surfaces. Sanitizing on the other hand reduces pathogens on surfaces.

In the current environment it is important to adjust your standard operating procedure to include the sanitization of ALL-CONTACT SURFACES both front of house and back of house, not just food-contact surfaces. 

Below is a quick checklist to run down to make sure you are taking all the extra precautions necessary in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Of course, frequent hand washing by your staff is the most important step in a cleaning protocol and making hand sanitizer available to anyone who enters your operation is equally important.

  • How to Implement the Checklist:
    1. Build a cleaning schedule and delegate responsibility. 

    2. During cleaning and sanitizing make sure your staff is wearing gloves, a respirator if available and an apron that can be removed and either laundered or disposed of before returning to any other duties.

    3. Check with your local authority to understand which chemical sanitizers are available to you.

    4. Know how to clean and sanitize a surface properly.
      • First, clean dirty surfaces with soap and water or detergent before disinfecting 
      • Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for application and proper ventilation, and ensure that the cleaning solution is not expired
    As Often As Possible:
    As Often As Possible:
    • All food-contact surfaces
    • Non-food contact surfaces
      • Receiving doors
      • Phones
      • Reach-in and walk-in-doors
      • In-place equipment
      • Anything that cannot be washed in 3 compartment sinks
      • Area around and basins of sinks when not in use
    • Clean and empty the trash cans and recyclables.
    • Put all aprons, rags and chef’s in the laundry
    • Clean entrance (glass door, door handles and frames)
    • All food contact surfaces
    • All areas regularly touched by employees/guests
    • Restrooms (toilets, sinks, paper towel dispensers, etc)
    • Door Handles
    • Touch Screen Registers
    • Drive-thru window ledges
    • Clean every surface such as chairs, tables, bar and booths
    • Delivery vehicle interiors and any reusable delivery shipping/warming units
    • Anything else applicable
Download restaurant cleaning checklist

Download restaurant cleaning checklist

A handy template to be used by Back of House and Front of House staff to ensure your restaurant is spotless!

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