Black beans are the leading legume menued,* and it’s no surprise that Mexican platters such as nachos, enchiladas, and tacos are the top menu item incorporating them. Go beyond typical fare to take advantage of everything beans have to offer.

Chef Kyla Tuori recommends these menu ideas to incorporate seeds and beans into your menu.


This translates from Italian to “bean water.” Whip the water used to cook chickpeas into a protein-rich vegan soufflé with roasted carrot, porcini mushroom and sage

Black-Eyed Peas

Go past New Year’s Day, and serve black-eyed pea dip with coriander and cinnamon, avocado garnish, and fried plantain chips


Consider Thai basil coconut lentils with Thai eggplants and grilled pineapple

Featured Recipe: Root Vegetable Lentil Wrap

Butternut squash and beets are wrapped up with dill, goat cheese-mayonnaise whip and lentils for a savory dish.

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